• Ultrasonic Testing Services
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Non Destructive Testings ( NDT )
We are planning to introduce Advance NDT like Phased Array (PA UT), Time of Flight Detection (TOFD), Tube Inspection by Eddy current etc.

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Measurement
  • Ultrasonic Corrosion mapping using free scan
  • In-situ Hardness Testing
  • In-situ Metallographic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Visual Testing

  • Radiographic Testing Film Interpretation (RTFI)
  • Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Level-III Services & Consultancy
  • Welder Qualification & Certification
  • Supply of Trained and Qualified
    NDT Technicians & Inspectors.
  • Preparation of WPS & Conducting the PQR’s
Kpise Consulting Services Offers Inspection Professionals Qualified in an Extensive Range of Classifications That Include, But are Not Limited to, The Following :
• API 510, 570 In- Service Pressure VesseVPiping Inspection for Onshore & Offshore
• API 650, 653 Above Ground Tank Inspection
• AWS/TWI Certified Welding Engineers/Inspectors
• NACE/B-Gas Certified Coating Inspectors- Level I, II, III
• NOT ASNT- Level I, II Inspectors & Level III Consultants
• C/A/CIC Engineers/Inspectors
• Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers
Information Prior To Testing
• All testing equipments are properly calibrated and maintained
• Records of calibration will available in the office and at work sites
• Each test equipment bears a sticker, which spell out the date of Calibration and next due date
• All calibrations are carried out as per national and / or International Standards, which are applicable